We are happy to provide you with spray painted samples. Our samples fall into 2 categories :

1 - Free samples

Samples that allow you to see and approve the quality of our finishes - We keep a stock of low sheen and gloss samples in random colours we can immediately post to you at no charge.

2 - Chargeable samples

Samples that allow you to see and approve a specific colour for a job - We can produce an individual sprayed sample to a specific colour that you have chosen for a job. To produce a sample like this we have to buy a minimum 1 litre of paint and individually spray the sample. For this we charge £15.00 + VAT per sample and it will take about a week to produce. This cost will be deducted from the price of confirmed orders upon completion.

For any larger batch samples, please ask for a quote.


Our sample blocks measure 105mm x 155mm x 18mm (post card size) and are finished on one face and all edges.